Paulina Brandberg

Paulina Brandberg

Minister for Gender Equality and Working Life

Ministry of Employment

"We will step up our efforts to combat gender-based violence and harmful practices, including honour-related violence and oppression. All forms of violence, including physical, psychological, economic and sexual violence, must stop. It is about the right to live your life as you choose and decide over your own body and finances. We also need to focus more on justice and gender equality in health, and on the right of all women and men to a good working environment."

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  • Government budget initiatives to combat antisemitism and support Jewish life

    Combatting antisemitism is a high priority for the Government. The budget presented on 20 September includes several initiatives to enhance and shore up these continued efforts. This includes funding to the Jewish Museum, the Living History Forum and the Official Council of Swedish Jewish Communities, and state aid for security-heightening measures.

  • Reforms on gender equality, working life and efforts to combat racism and discrimination – Budget Bill for 2024

    Minister for Gender Equality and Working Life Paulina Brandberg.
    Minister for Gender Equality and Working Lifer Paulina Brandberg. Photo: Ninni Andersson/Government Offices

    The Government’s Budget Bill for 2024 proposes initiatives to combat and prevent honour-based violence and oppression, and racism and discrimination. The Government also intends to take measures to combat wage guarantee abuse.

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