Trade and investment promotion

The purpose of Swedish trade and promotion policy is to promote Sweden’s economic interests and the image of Sweden abroad, to facilitate exports and imports and encourage trade with other countries.

Responsible for trade and investment promotion

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Anna Hallberg, utrikeshandels­minister och ­minister med ansvar för nordiska frågor
Anna Hallberg Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs

Responsible ministry

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  • Minister for Foreign Trade Anna Hallberg convenes trade policy expert group


    Anna Hallberg has launched a trade policy advisory group to discuss how to shape future trade policy in light of the way the pandemic has changed international trade conditions. The members of the group have a wide range of experience from business, public authorities, trade unions, civil society and academia. The aim is to come up with new and different initiatives to enable trade to be an instrument of change.

  • Swedens priorities in the EU’s trade policy review

    Anna Hallberg står framför svenska flaggan och EU-flaggan
    Utrikeshandelsminister Anna Hallberg Regeringskansliet

    The EU’s external trade policy is being reviewed so it can be adapted to changing global trade conditions. The review aims at finding better solutions to reduce trade barriers and support open and sustainable trade. It will also include proposals on reform of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and how the EU can contribute to reinforcing the multilateral trade system. Sweden intends to be the EU´s frontrunner on free and open trade and together with a number of likeminded countries (Czechia, Denmark, Finland, Ireland and the Netherlands), Sweden submitted a joint commentary on how trade policy can contribute to sustainability.

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  • A new sustainable export initiative throughout the country

    Making the entire Nordic region the first integrated 5G zone and getting Swedish companies to export more. Listen to Minister for Foreign Trade with responsibility for Nordic affairs Ann Linde talk about some of her priorities during this electoral period.

  • A digital Team Sweden on Sweden Abroad

    Swedish trade with the rest of the world is constantly increasing. Today, three quarters of Sweden’s goods exports go to Europe. We export most to Germany, followed by Norway, Finland, Denmark, the United States and the Netherlands. We want to help Swedish businesses find new trading partners, businesses and markets to increase their global sales. At the same time, we also want to help foreign businesses and individuals who want to do business with Sweden find the right entry points.

  • Brexit and the single market at the EU Summit

    When Prime Minister Stefan Löfven meets his colleagues in Brussels on 21–22 March, Brexit will dominate the meeting’s first day. The EU heads of state and government will also address the EU’s long-term climate strategy and discuss jobs, growth and competitiveness.

  • Ludwig Göransson receives the Government’s Music Export Prize 2018

    The Government’s prize for extraordinary services to Swedish music exports in 2018 has been awarded to composer and producer Ludwig Göransson. The Government’s 2018 Special Prize for long-standing contributions to Swedish music exports has been awarded this year to Thomas Johansson, Live Nation. The commendation for achievements of particular importance to the internationalisation of Swedish music has been awarded to Musikmakarna and Ulla Sjöström.

  • Nominations for the 2018 Music Export Prize

    The Government’s Music Export Prize is awarded every year to an artist who has been internationally successful during the preceding year and has contributed to Swedish musical export success and to a positive image of Sweden. The winner will be announced by Minister for Foreign Trade, with responsibility for Nordic affairs, Ann Linde at a ceremony at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs on Wednesday 6 March at 14.30.

  • The Government’s Statement of Foreign Policy 2019

    On 13 February, Minister for Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström presented the 2019 Statement of Foreign Policy in the Riksdag. Check against delivery.

  • Handbook Sweden’s feminist foreign policy

    In October 2014, Sweden became the first country in the world to launch a feminist foreign policy. This means applying a systematic gender equality perspective throughout the whole foreign policy agenda. This handbook should be a resource for international work relating to gender equality and all women’s and girls’ full enjoyment of human rights. It contains a selection of methods and experiences that can provide examples and inspira¬tion for further work of the Swedish Foreign Service, other parts of the civil service and society as a whole. The handbook also describes the first four years of working with a feminist foreign policy. Thereby, it responds to the considerable national and international interest in this policy.

  • Migration and trade on agenda as heads of state and government meet

    Migration, EU–US relations, and security and defence will be on the agenda when Prime Minister Stefan Löfven meets his European Council colleagues on 28–29 June.

  • Prime Minister Stefan Löfven to attend European Council meeting in Brussels

    Prime Minister Stefan Löfven will attend the European Council meeting in Brussels on 28–29 June. The agenda will include migration, trade and security issues.

  • Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality - Hosts' summary and reflections

    The Stockholm Forum on Gender Equality was held on 15–17 April 2018 and gathered more than 700 participants from over 100 countries and a multitude of sectors and functions. The discussions covered a broad range of areas and focused on concrete methods and tools to enhance gender equality and the full enjoyment of rights, representation and resources for all women and girls.