Ministry of Justice

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for the authorities in the judicial system, including the Swedish Police, the public prosecution service, the courts and the Swedish Prison and Probation Service. The Ministry is also responsible for migration issues. In addition, the Ministry of Justice is responsible for legislation in the areas of constitutional and general administrative law, civil law, procedural law, criminal law, public order and safety, and migration and asylum law.

Responsible ministers

Gunnar Strömmer
Gunnar Strömmer Minister for Justice
Maria Malmer Stenergard
Maria Malmer Stenergard Minister for Migration

News from Ministry of Justice

  • New act will stop investments in companies by foreign actors that could harm Sweden

    Foreign direct investments are hugely important to Sweden’s business sector. At the same time, there are risks associated with foreign actors investing in protected activities. The Government has therefore today decided to refer a proposal to the Council on Legislation for a new act under which investments that involve security risks can be reviewed by a special screening authority and, if necessary, prohibited.

  • Participation in a terrorist organisation to be a punishable offence

    Today, the Govern­ment proposed that participation in – and financing partici­pation in – a terrorist organisation should be a punish­able offence. This means that Sweden will have a new powerful tool to combat terrorism.

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